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Parks and Open Space
Parks and Open Space
Where would you like to see a community park located in the Urbanizing Area?
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Parks and Open Space

Currently, the Urbanizing Area has a limited number of public parks. This map highlights existing parks (in bright green) throughout Bloomington and Monroe County). Draft planning concepts for the Urbanizing Area (outlined in blue on the map) include a new community-scale park, in addition to the existing Karst Farm Park. Community Parks often provide athletic facilities, community meeting venues, and un-programmed open space and natural areas. They are ideally located within 1 mile or a 20 minute walk of residential homes. Please indicate on the map where you would like to see this type of park in the Urbanizing Area. Click the link below for additional information about parks and recreation planning being considered as part of the Urbanizing Area Plan.

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Parks and Recreation Concepts

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